Infos for 2015’s Spring and Summer Rally

Infos for this years’ Spring and Summer Rally have been published:

A remainder on registration for these events:

If you are an individual, you must get in touch with your country’s naturist federation or preferably its youth group.

This federation must then sends a list of its members that have registered for this event to the federation that organize it before the deadline.

So please do not get in touch with the federation that organize these events directly.

inf2015 eny_summer-rally-denmark

Spring Youth Rally 2014 Report

From May 28th to June 1st 2014, during the long week-end of the Ascension, the naturist camping Le Betulle, next to Turin in Italy, hosted the Springtime meeting of the European Naturist Youth (ENY).


TorinoMore than 50 young people from different countries (The Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, France and Italy) attended the event and could enjoy various activities like tennis, table football, sauna, swimming, pooling and disco. Some activities were also participative, as the youth could propose some funny games to play altogether in order to break the ice, which was particularly appreciated, especially at the beginning of such an event, where many did not know each other.

Despite some very few periods of rain, the overall weather was particularly nice, which was a good point for enjoying sunbathing in the nude. A young German journalist was also present at this event and will write an article for a magazine about her first experience in a naturist camping.

One of the most enjoyable point from this event was probably the incredible food that was cooked and served everyday. And of course, pasta did have a great place in the menus! Everyone really appreciated the variety and the quality of the dishes, which showed how tasteful the italian food can be.

tents le betulle

A whole day was dedicated to a visit of the beautiful city of Turin. On Saturday, it was also time for ENY General Assembly, a meeting involving delegates of all the participating countries, in order to think about the future of the european youth movement and to decide about future orientations. Then, a live band was also invited for a concert during the evening, which was the opportunity for everyone to enjoy music and to dance.

This event consisted in four days of entertainment, joy and intercultural exchanges and many participants are looking forward to the next edition, which will take place in Berlin in Germany.

YNA Nude Spa Sundays in New Jersey

The Youth Naturist of America (ENY’s equivalent in USA) seems to be quite resourceful since they have recently brought the Terlam spa and fitness centre for women in Ford, New Jersey (just south of New York) !

As they explain in their blog post, the whole facility is open to naturists (men and women) every Sunday afternoon and more if the event proves successful.

ENY wants to congratulate YNA for this initiative and hope it will endure and even inpire other to do the same.


Summer Youth Rally, Croatia, 28 July – 08 August 2014

I register for the event: Send an e-mail to fkk-jugend »

I discuss the event on ENY’s forum in English »

I discuss on ENY’s Facebook event in English »

Facebook event in German »



The Summer Youth Rally!



1 – From Monday 28 July to Friday 08 August 2014!

2 – Registration expected until [date to be announced]!



1 – At the Naturist Resort Solaris Porec! 490 thousand m2, 4,000 vacationers per day, free Wi-Fi at the reception!

2 – At the municipality of Tar-Vabriga, in Croatia!

3 – 2,5km of beaches! Outdoor swimming pool! Sports centre! Sports field! 8 tennis courts! Camping at the forest!

4 – Three restaurants! Two supermarkets! Partially equipped for disabled persons! Animals allowed in on selected areas.

5 – Near the touristic city of Poreč and a basilica Unesco World Heritage Site.



1 – Body painting!

2 – Bassalo contest!

3 – Outdoor dart game!

4 – Slackline!

5 – Beach games!

6 – Football!

7 – Multiball!

8 – Campfire!

9 – Rambling!

10 – Disco!

11 – Six cup!

12 – Carnival!

13 – Excursion!



1 – Tent!

2 – Sleeping bag!

3 – Mattress or mat!

4 – At least two towels!

5 – Torch!

6 – Everything else you’d find useful while camping!



1 – Breakfasts!

2 – Diners!

3 – Travel insurance!

4 – Tourist tax!

5 – Fee: 250 euros.



1 – Go to Pazin by train. Then to Porec by coach, then to Vabriga or Tar by coach (4km from Solaris).

2 – Go to Porec by coach then to Vabriga or Tar by coach (4km from Solaris).

3 – Go to Pula by plane then to Vabriga or Tar by coach.

4 – Go to Kopar (Slovenia) by boat, then reach Solaris by land.

5 – More info at Porec’s official site.



2014 Summer Youth Rally is organised by fkk-jugend (Youth Naturism), youth naturist group form Germany!

ENY finances this event with funds provided by the International Naturist Federation (INF-FNI).

Spring Youth Rally, Italy, 28 May – 01 June 2014

Le Betulle


The Spring Youth Rally!



1 – From Wednesday the 28th of May to Sunday the 1st of June 2014!

2 – Registration expected until the 15th of April 2014



At Le Betulle Naturist Village!


How to register?

You may register until the 15th of April 2014 through your countrie’s youth federation (best option) or by sending an e-mail to FENAIT (Italian Naturist Federation) »

Discuss the event on ENY’s forum in English »



Wednesday 28 May 2014


19h00 : Dinner


Thursday 29 May 2014

9h00 : Breakfast

Terrain’s play

13h00 lunch

Terrain’s play (Volley , minitennis, footbal (soccer), pool)

19h00 : Dinner

21h00 : Music

le betulle pool
Friday 30 May 2014

9h00 : Breakfast

Tour of Turin (including lunch)

19h00 : Dinner

21h00 : Music


Saturday 31 May 2014

9h00 : Breakfast

10h00 : ENY’s General Assembly for ENY’s board and youth federation delegates. Free time for everyone else.

13h00 : Lunch

15h00 : Water games

19h00 : Dinner

21h00 : Live Music


Sunday 01 June 2014

9h00 : Breakfast


tents le betulle



1 – Tent!

2 – Sleeping bag!

3 – Mattress or mat!

4 – At least two towels!

5 – Torch!

6 – Everything else you’d find useful while camping!


Fees includes?

1 – Meals!

2 – Accommodations !

3 – Activities!

5 – Fee: 50 euros.


Who organizes?

This 2014 Spring Youth Rally is organised by Le Betulle camping!

ENY finances this event with funds provided by the International Naturist Federation (INF-FNI).